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Hybrid Strength and Power Gym


Tracey Blaine

I have now been in Mandy's class for 11 months and it has been life changing. I came in unable to step up a standard step, fully bend or straighten my right leg, and an assortment of other issues to my lower right side. Mandy made adjustments for me and built in the steps I needed to safely manage and rehabilitate my problems and fix my imbalances. The group is encouraging and challenging and I look forward to each session. Best of all I can now do so much more than I thought possible; thanks to all the hard work I was actually able to get on and off the dreaded airplane toilet without effort during a recent trip. Who knew box sit-stands (that I will forever call toilet touches) were so practical.


#100 330 Circle Drive

St. Albert, Ab T8N 7L5


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